Mar. 4th, 2010

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Well, back in Alaska anyway. Chris's presence is the only thing that makes this place home.

A recap on the vacation tomorrow...ish.

I got in around 0130 and slept until like 1400. I've done dishes and a bit of cleaning up. When Chris got home from work we ordered a pizza because I hadn't even started making a grocery list and I didn't really feel like going out anyway. I gathered up the dirty clothes that were upstairs and had Chris take those two baskets (clothes and towels and washcloths) down to the basement (he did make most of the mess I'll be spending the next week or two cleaning up, after all) and I overlooked the four bags of trash that he was supposed to take out today. I might do it himself just to cut himself some slack because he's being run ragged at work.

All I have left to do tonight is iron a set of cook whites and then I can slack off if I want to. Which I just might, or I'll start a load of laundry. It's not like I've got a deadline or anything. :P

I miss Florida so much already. It's home, after all, and I was there for almost three weeks. And since I was already familiar with both Sarasota and Titusville, it was easy to get used to it (even driving my stepmom's car :P). When I got home and dragged my luggage in and went to bed, it felt...different. I'm still looking around this *place* thinking, oh yeah...this is home. Well, until some other place is home.
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