May. 24th, 2010

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Like the 2008 post, these were all public when I quoted them. If you want yours taken down, just leave a comment and I will.

Favorite Tweets 2009

@pineapplecakes: @Anamariecox and @Maddow in the same room is an explosion of hot and smart. #

@sarking: Freshman congressmen are adorable and should not be allowed near Stephen Colbert. #

@fakerahmemanuel: @anniemal Clever old fucker was a compliment. We should all hope to be clever old fuckers one day. #

@anamariecox: Preparing for BSG premiere with marathon; starting with season 2. Tigh giving me serious McCain flashbacks. #

@thetrainblack: "You think history is going to go with the unfortunate stagecraft angle? OK, anything else?" Rhetoric. His other mistake is /rhetoric/? #

@sarking: @skywaterblue I agree with this tweet. Kate Clinton is awesome and makes @Maddow act even more adorable. #

@driftingfocus: I'm not liking this inaugural prayer. Too Jesus-y. #

@sarking: (Thank the Lord he did not say "potpourri of balls." I wouldn't have stopped laughing for a month.) #

@sarking: Rachel on Hillary at the State Department: "You can call it a rockstar entrance. It was almost more of a 'greeted as liberators' entrance." #

@sarking: Rachel: "Foggy Bottom. Yeah, this is not a news cycle for sophomoric people like me who are tired." #

@thetrainback: :D JON! OMG HE'S DEFENDING THE MORALITY OF ATHEISTS. :D :D :D GOOD PERSON=/=RELIGIOUS PERSON (at least not necessarily) #

@ricksanchezcnn: just got back in, heard my colleague is questioning the S. Pov Law ctr's def. of hate groups. let me help: white sheet, pointy hats. #

@ricksanchezcnn: when you're against the southern poverty law ctr, you've pretty much defined yourself. nuff said. #

@luchalibrarian: Where exactly did the angel touch you? #

@stonermc: @WillAtWork yes! i was thinking that.. rachel backwards and forwards... sounds rude somehow. #

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