May. 7th, 2010

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The stuff in italics is my commentary. :)

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Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day! In honor of the spouses that work so hard on the home-front I've compiled a list of 101 Ways to Thank a Military Spouse!

It is about Respect, Love, Admiration, Appreciation, and a simple Thank You.

  1. A simple "Thank You for Serving, too"


  3. Take the time to *listen* She may not have had an adult conversation for quite some time!

  4. Don’t assume HE is not a military spouse. Thank the military-husbands too.


  5. Pick up something at the store that reminds you of her; a potted-plant, a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of wine, nail-polish & nail files, etc etc

  6. Give her a call! Say ‘Thank You’ and find out how her day is going.

  7. A day at the spa! (Thank you, @shelly_76)

    That would kick ass. :)

  8. FREE child-care. Watch her children for her. Let her do something on her own.

  9. Invite her out for a local-sight-seeing tour. She might not know the area & enjoy learning.

  10. Equip her.

    For example, help around the house that needs a tall person or someone who can lift more than the spouse can while the servicemember is away. Best way to support the troops: supporting their families!

  11. Take a spouse out for coffee or tea.

    Social interaction? In person? That's just crazy talk. :P

  12. Pray for him. Pray for her.

    even those of us who don't believe in prayer appreciate the sentiment. Well, at least I do.

  13. Make a fancy-drink. Pour two glasses. One for you, one for her. Make toasts and enjoy together.

  14. *Give* him a book from your book-shelf that you enjoyed.

  15. Offer to wash her car (Don’t forget to vacuum)

  16. Business-owners: Host a special event just for spouses, don’t do it for monetary gain.

  17. Do you garden? Bring her some of your produce; flowers, fruits, vegetables.

  18. Give her personal space to miss her loved one. Then open-up your arms to take her in.


  19. Gather your mutual-friends. Have a multi-family picnic.

  20. If she calls asking for something, a cup of milk, some eggs, potatoes etc etc Lend with a cheerful heart and don't expect your 'gift' back!

  21. Buy her a military-spouse shirt. Have it shipped to her:

    But please, nothing cheesy or offensive like "Army Issued Wife." :)

  22. Find a military-spouse book she might enjoy:

    These, on the other hand, can be *quite* useful.

  23. Plan a play-date at your house. Get the kids together and enjoy the day.

  24. Sit with him at church. Not many enjoy sitting in the pew alone.

  25. Take a picture. Send it in an email to her.

    Or snail mail. It's nice to get stuff in the mail that isn't bills, especially during a deployment when we're constantly sending care packages to our servicemembers.

  26. Offer to help with yard-work! (Thanks, @guamgurl)

    True this! Especially for spouses in unfamiliar places with kids and a job and barely time to microwave dinner. Though I'd appreciate it too. ;)

  27. Give her privacy if you sense she does not want to open up.

    This is a big one. Also, don't take it personally if she doesn't want to open up *to you*.

  28. much more )


May. 7th, 2010 08:43 am
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you are the soothing hum
the grass stains on my jeans
the summer in my hair
the color in my cheeks
you are the the constant wave
beating against my heart
the warm honey on my lips
the paint on my nails
you are the perfect dance
and a moonlit ride
the sticky vanilla cream
you are the flower in my palm
the reason I smile
the chills down my spine
you are more than you'll ever know
you are the love of my life

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