Jan. 4th, 2010

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* Last Cigarette: I don't smoke. Never have, never will.
* Last Alcoholic Drink: A week ago, I think.
* Last Car Ride: The other day.
* Last Kiss: My husband.
* Last Good Cry: The last good one? Probably a month or so ago.
* Last Library Book checked out: That I can remember? Warp Angel, from the Titusville library back when Chris was in boot camp/AIT.
* Last Movie Seen in Theater: Star Trek
* Last Book Read: The last one I finished was Pope Joan. I'm currently reading Black Blood.
* Last Movie Rented: Does XBOX Live Count? In that case, Outlander.
* Last Cuss Word Uttered: Probably "Fuck!" the last time I found a piece of furniture with my shin.
* Last Crush: Fizzy. It's since become more than that, of course. :)
* Last TV Show Watched: Criminal Minds.
* Last Time Showered: This morning.
* Last Shoes Worn: My ugly grippy shoes.
* Last CD Played: A They Might Be Giants CD while I was in the basement doing laundry.
* Last Item Bought: Groceries.
* Last Download: A recording of Tria singing, from Tria.
* Last Annoyance: Chris's excessive touchy-feely-ness.
* Last Disappointment: Myself.
* Last Soda: Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi.
* Last Thing Written: This. No, wait, this. Wait, this. Wait, this...
* Last Key Used: "Front" door.
* Last Word(s) Spoken: "Does my hair look darker?" to Chris.
* Last Sleep: From night to morning, for once. :P
* Last IM: Tria.
* Last Sexual Fantasy: I'll keep that one to myself.
* Last Weird Encounter: ...I have no idea.
* Last Ice Cream Eaten: Hot Chocolate ice cream.
* Last Time Amused: Reading my Twitter feed.
* Last Time Wanting To Die: Last spring/summer.
* Last Time Hugged: Chris, this morning.
* Last Time Scolded: I dunno.
* Last Time Resentful: More often than I care to admit.
* Last Chair Sat In: My desk chair. It spins. XD
* Last Underwear Worn: Cabernet "hipsters," size 6.
* Last Bra Worn: Cacique bra I got around this time last year, 38G.
* Last Shirt Worn: The one I'm wearing now, a XL men's T-shirt I accidentally ganked from my dad the last time I was in Florida. It's very comfy so I keep wearing it. :)
* Last Webpage Visited: Dreamwidth, to post this and crosspost to LJ.
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Fucking. AWESOME.

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