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Favorite Tweets 2009

Like the 2008 post, these were all public when I quoted them. If you want yours taken down, just leave a comment and I will.

Favorite Tweets 2009

@pineapplecakes: @Anamariecox and @Maddow in the same room is an explosion of hot and smart. #

@sarking: Freshman congressmen are adorable and should not be allowed near Stephen Colbert. #

@fakerahmemanuel: @anniemal Clever old fucker was a compliment. We should all hope to be clever old fuckers one day. #

@anamariecox: Preparing for BSG premiere with marathon; starting with season 2. Tigh giving me serious McCain flashbacks. #

@thetrainblack: "You think history is going to go with the unfortunate stagecraft angle? OK, anything else?" Rhetoric. His other mistake is /rhetoric/? #

@sarking: @skywaterblue I agree with this tweet. Kate Clinton is awesome and makes @Maddow act even more adorable. #

@driftingfocus: I'm not liking this inaugural prayer. Too Jesus-y. #

@sarking: (Thank the Lord he did not say "potpourri of balls." I wouldn't have stopped laughing for a month.) #

@sarking: Rachel on Hillary at the State Department: "You can call it a rockstar entrance. It was almost more of a 'greeted as liberators' entrance." #

@sarking: Rachel: "Foggy Bottom. Yeah, this is not a news cycle for sophomoric people like me who are tired." #

@thetrainback: :D JON! OMG HE'S DEFENDING THE MORALITY OF ATHEISTS. :D :D :D GOOD PERSON=/=RELIGIOUS PERSON (at least not necessarily) #

@ricksanchezcnn: just got back in, heard my colleague is questioning the S. Pov Law ctr's def. of hate groups. let me help: white sheet, pointy hats. #

@ricksanchezcnn: when you're against the southern poverty law ctr, you've pretty much defined yourself. nuff said. #

@luchalibrarian: Where exactly did the angel touch you? #

@stonermc: @WillAtWork yes! i was thinking that.. rachel backwards and forwards... sounds rude somehow. #

@sarking: Is there anything a good curl-up-in-the-fetal-position-and-cry-on-the-bathroom-floor can't fix? I think not. Epic PMS moodswings are epic. #

@skywaterblue: RT @mikemadden: Obama will host Passover seder at White House. Turns out he wasn't a secret Muslim after all; he was a secret Jew. #

@DavidShuster: @eddiejackson You are welcome. Gay marriage has no impact on my marriage. And equal rights for all are long overdue. #

@thetrainback: @roomerholmes LOL, okay. You just stay over there and pretend you're a man and that you don't watch iCarly and listen to tween music. ;) #

@roomerholmes: Ana: Who wouldn't wanna tea-bag John McCain? *gasping* #

@sarking: @skywaterblue It's slash fans. "Men for men? Nom nom nom!" #

@WillAtWork: I have a feeling NOM 2M4M is some kind of Sasha Baron Cohen prank. #Maddow #

@sarking: I was just going to suggest that Keith, Rachel, and Ana Marie have a teabagging panel next week, and then I realized I what I was saying. #

@draggedup: #Amazonfail is bigger than Jesus today, well done twitterers(?) #

@Cherielabombe: #amazonfail If it was a glitch why did Amazon say it was "policy" when asked directly by an author? Doesn't pass the smell test. #

@sarking: "And in Cavuto's defense, if you're planning simultaneous teabagging around the country, you're going to need a Dick Army." ROTFL. #

@sarking: Giving @Shuster1600* major props for his straight-faced delivery of all those double-entendres. #

@AC180: FACT: Before going on air, David Gergen invokes the power of his spirit animal, the beagle, by dancing around his office naked. #

@thetrainback: @SnowVsAsphalt If by badass you mean "I will be drinking milk and rocking out to squeaky-clean Disney music." ;) #

@rkref: Fun Fact: "million teabags" for DC were dumped INSIDE the office of a right wing thoughtless tank funded by wingnut Richard Mellon Scaife. #

@fnordine: I have a religion and am very happy with it, thank you. And I reserve myself the right to mock your religion the same way you mock mine. #

@sarking: Just had one of those threeway foreign policy discussions-slash-yelling-matches with the parents. These have made me what I am today. #

@pineapplecakes: #BandB Thomas, you need to take your Edward Cullen looks, pack up your crazy and head back to the nut house. #

@pineapplecakes: @zestylime INAPPROPRIATENESS IS UP OUR ALLEY #

@sarking: Seen at DailyKos regarding teabagging: "Obviously Fox does not hire cunning linguists." *dies* #

@sarking: @stonermc Ah, see, I was thinking I'd bore it to death by reading it "To Kill a Mockingbird." ;) #


@anamariecox: "Heavy is the head that eats the crayons." #


@roomerholmes: Oh I love the Shoos is giving it back to all the ignorant teabaggers who don't realize THEY CALLED IT TEABAGGING FIRST! #


@pineapplecakes: @roomerholmes HE'S GONNA SELL YOU THE SHIT OUT OF AN AWESOME AUGER #

@pineapplecakes: Why let the facts get in the way of a totally good fact free rant? ZING #

@anamariecox: Schmidt says surprised by the coverage of speech. Didn't think it would be a big deal, "conservative case for gay marriage totally logical." #

@zestymlime: @writer_atdusk awwwwwww <3 nothing says "I love you" like a lapdance XD #

@WillAtWork: We live in a land and teh Iraq such as opposite marriage. #Maddow #

@winged_mammal: "It should be also be noted that in fiction the ideal protection against projectiles is random crap in your top pocket." LULZ. #

@BookishRuth: @sarking I just wonder if the switch was prompted by a Democratic senator who said, "Come to the Dark Side. We have cookies!" #

@thetrainback: "Now you know how I feel when people talk about infrastructur *purrs*" ? #

@roomerholmes: If Nate Silver taught numbers how to fuck (per @sarking), then Peter Orszag taught them Tantric positions #

@sarking: "She could just stick with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe..." *snirk* Well played, lady. #

@sarking: On pronunciation of Xe, the new Blackwater name: "Zee or she -- I prefer she, naturally." <3 @maddow #

@sarking: @skywaterblue Oddly, that's why I don't like Arianna Huffington very much--I look at her and hear "no zealot like a convert" in my head. #

@bessemerprocess: @sarking I think we own heartsbreakville, or at least are it's slumlords :) #

@sarking: @GrreenlikeJuly K: "She'd hate this. She likes meat." Snickering from the PRT. K: "Oh, grow up." #

@zestylime: Peggy Noonan just made sense. I need coffee #

@sarking: "Unless they say racist shit about Vulcans, because, you know, fuck that noise." COFFEE + MY NOSE + MACBOOK = OT3 #

@sarking: @litterthisheart K: "You realize my journalistic integrity is being questioned by a gossip site, right? I have better things to do than (1) #

@sarking: @litterthisheart (2) walk around with a dictionary and ask you to spell things." R: "'Journalistic' J-o-u-r-n-a-l-i-s-t-i-c." #

@sarking: THIS. RT @pineapplecakes: The day @Maddow stops being twelve years old is something I never want to see. #

@sarking: @litterthisheart K: "How do you spell 'pain in the ass'?" R: "P-a- --" K: "Wrong. It's M-a-d-d-o-w." R: "I hate you." K: "Ditto." #

@zestylime: Omg i hadn't heard Glen Beck saying "She's a Marxist" yet... I rolled my eyes so hard I popped out a contact. I'M NOT JOKING #

@sarking: @litterthisheart K gapes. "Did you...did you feel that?" R laughs. "You mean the sparks? Static electricity. I was dragging my feet." #

@thetrainback: @sarking Hahaha, LOVE IT. K: "Oh, I thought for a second that we were meant to be..." R laughs. K doesn't. R: "You were being serious?" #

@zestylime: lmao "more drama than a junior prom, a shotgun wedding, and a paternity test all rolled into one!" ~#Maddow #

@thetrainback: "[...] like the way the smell of Cinnabon infuses an airport terminal." :D Rachel has a way with similes. #

@sarking: @amf7 Oh, what the hell: BOOBIES! :D #

@sarking: "Having a dead straight spouse gives you 100% more immigration rights than having a live gay spouse." Or something. #

@pineapplecakes: It's like this. I don't come to your job and knock the dicks out of your mouth. #

@verucablue: Shorter POTUS: This is not the Flintstones. Enough with the paper medical records already. #

@sarking: "This is Strategery for Dummies. This is impossible not to get. Unless...[clips of Republicans not getting it.]" #

@sarking: "Gabby McYapperton." I like that nickname for Bush. #

@PaulReickhoff: @hodgman on nerds was solid. I'm going to stuff him in a locker now. #

@strawberrysgirl: WaPo story headline "Is Rahm Emanuel a micromanager?" Me: I want him to micromanage my pants. #

@PaulReickhoff: I love NYC. On opposite corners of the same intersection, there is a guy playing bagpipes, and a guy painted gold pretending to be a statue. #

@GayRainArmy: RT @Schwarzenegger: Eating boxed dinner in my office atCapitol...we have to work until we have a budget.//welcome to our world Governator :D #

@panotes: "Wanna catch a sneak peak of some hot homophone porn?" "ZOMG, I can't breath!!!" "Dude, that's (sic)." #

@postsecret: Today's Mail: "Never go to the ER in a small town with a foreign body lost up your ass. You didn't fall on it and cellphones have cameras." #

@pontifractusay: @orbitaldiamonds the municipal band played all the military songs in the park today & i though of you and your hubs. #

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