orbitaldiamonds: Chris and myself on our wedding day ([ love ] my wedding day)
The Patriotic Earthling ([personal profile] orbitaldiamonds) wrote2010-05-02 12:07 am

Spent the whole evening with Chris.

It was wonderful. I got up around 1730 and while Chris finished up his video game I made coffee (and put it in a container to heat up individual cups whenever) and unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, and then we went to the movie theater to see what was playing, and bought tickets for the 2150 3-D showing of How to Train Your Dragon. Then we stopped by GameStop and Barnes & Noble (they're right next door to each other so if I'm there with Chris, we always hit both places), and then we had dinner at Geraldo's, a local Italian restaurant.

Dinner was wonderful, super tasty, and the first time Chris and I had gone out to eat at an actual restaurant...this year, at least. We both had books and read them on occasion (even after our food arrived) but there was still conversation in between. That's one thing I love about Chris--he's not offended if I'm reading during dinner, especially since he usually is too. (Usually when we have dinner together at home, it's in front of a movie or TV show, but we talk during the show and fistbump at oh-snap moments. ^_^)

After that we got back in plenty of time for the movie. After finally finding a change machine that works, I played DDR with a stranger who was there with two of his friends. Chris held my bag and joked about 'knowing his place as husband' with his fellow spectators. There were three levels, each in "easy" mode, and my "competitor" (whom I helped by figuring out where the old-ass sensors still worked and letting him know) and I both cleared all three levels...and learned that there were only three and that the game was over. Boo. But it was just about time to go into our theater and take our seats and start munching on our munchies. Even some of the previews were in 3-D! XD

And the movie was...AWESOME. :D The story, the animation, even the fat kid rattling off D&D stats. ^___^ This is definitely, definitely, a movie to see in 3-D! (Though if you're wearing glasses I hope your 3-D glasses are more comfortable than mine were.) Also, I totally want a Toothless plushie!

...so that's about it for my Saturday. It's now 0034 I've spent the last half hour writing this entry and watching the White House Correspondents' Dinner. Later, all. :)