orbitaldiamonds: blue pixellated camo bg, silhouette boy and girl, text: chris and fizzy hold my [heart] ([ love ] chris & fizzy hold my heart)
The Patriotic Earthling ([personal profile] orbitaldiamonds) wrote2010-04-29 11:54 pm

In which I get rather sentimental.

When Fizzy and I are online together, and there's no conversation, but the chat windows stay open for half an hour, an hour, two hours, more, I like to imagine we're in the living room with laptops, Fizzy (and Chris, if I expand the fantasy outside just the chat) on the couch and me on the recliner, an episode of [whatever] going unwatched on the teevee machine.

Every once in awhile one of us will get up for snackage, taking whatever empty cups/plates of the other's as well as our own. She'll bring me another can of Diet Pepsi and I'll thank her with a smile, and I'll offer her a handful of Reesycups and she'll take them with a thank-you and go back to where she was sitting and it'll be quiet again except for the clicking of us at our laptops and the noise of the TV.

And every once in awhile I'll look over at her (or them) and wonder what I ever did to deserve such good fortune. :)

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