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The Patriotic Earthling ([personal profile] orbitaldiamonds) wrote2010-04-25 05:26 am

ANZAC Day 2010

I didn't stay out the whole time to watch the sunrise this morning, but there was lots of light coming up over the hills to the east when I wiped the tears off my face*, shivered a bit (it's cold!), and went inside.

So to get something right, I'm posting this poem I found a few days ago at [livejournal.com profile] exceptindreams that, while not about Gallipoli or even Australia, seemed fitting for the day.

"The Signal"
Sharon Olds

When they brought his body back, they told
his wife how he'd died:
the general thought they had taken the beach,
and sent in his last reserves. In the smokescreen,
the boats moved toward shore. Her husband
was the first man in the first boat
to move through the smoke and see the sand
dark with bodies, the tanks burning,
the guns thrown down, the landing craft
wrecked and floored with blood. In the path of the
bullets and shells from the shore, her husband had
put on a pair of white gloves
and turned his back on the enemy,
motioning to the boats behind him
to turn back. After everyone else
on his boat was dead
he continued to signal, then he, too,
was killed, but the other boats had seen him
and turned back. They gave his wife the medal,
and she buried him, and at night floated through
a wall of smoke, and saw him at a distance
standing in a boat, facing her,
the gloves blazing on his hands as he motioned her back.


*I took my last Effexor yesterday and since I just got up at quarter of two, I don't want an all-day crying headache. I may wind up with one anyway, but I can at least try to hold it off.

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