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Scrapbook 2010

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Epic Comment Threads:

God, Pat Robertson, and natural disasters (from (LJ)atheist)
Dadaist firefighter bohemian fabrication (from (LJ)sf_drama via (LJ)metaquotes)
Paying US sales tax = helping Haiti thread from (LJ)atheism begins here but gets good here.
Bujold quotes thread at (LJ)metaquotes.


Funny sex stories thread, only visible to members of (LJ)mil_wives.
Epic butthurt thread, at (LJ)ontd_political, of (LJ)bluetooth16's butthurt over the passage of the HCR bill in the House of Representatives.


Jesus, Judas, and April Fools' Day thread, from (LJ)atheism.


There Are Far Worse Things Than Enthusiastic Fucking thread, from (LJ)metaquotes.
Did they have a flag? thread, from (LJ)ontd_political.


Friend Zone as Job Interview metaphor thread from (LJ)metaquotes.
The Pauls are Eternal thread from (LJ)ontd_political.

Movies Seen: Home

10: The Day the Earth Stood Still
16: Paranormal Activity and Tremors (with Chris and friends)
23: Gamer (with Chris)


05: Zombieland (with Chris)
14: Jennifer's Body (with Chris)
20: Boondock Saints (with Chris)
21: The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (with Fizzy)


11: Alien Trespass (with Chris)
11: The Men Who Stare At Goats (with Chris)


02: Avatar (with Chris and Rich)
29: Star Trek: First Contact (with Chris)
29: Star Trek: Insurrection (with Chris)


20: Iron Man (with Chris)
26: Made in Taiwan: Nyonya's Taste of Life

Movies Seen: Theater

01: How to Train Your Dragon (with Chris)


20: Iron Man 2 (with Chris)


03: 177 lbs.
08: 175 lbs.
11: 176 lbs.


03: 179 D:
04: 178
05: 177


05: 177
08: 174
17: 175
22: 175


04: 174
11: 175
14: 177
18: 175
30: 176


06: 176 (43.3)
10: 179 (41.9)
29: 178 (43.2)

Lofty Goals Fulfilled
Lofty Goals 2010.

01. Pack up all books I'm not going to read before PCSing.
02. Cut up 200 magazines. (184/200)
03. Type up 100 sets of book notes. (0/100)
04. Scan 10 journals and/or random notes books. (0/10)
05. Pay off student loans.
06. Pay off car.
07. Finish red-white-and-blue blanket and shades-of-blue blanket.
08. Exercise for at least half an hour, at least three times a week.
09. Start and finish 10 new art projects. (10/10)
10. Sort/organize/make pretty all files on my computer.
11. Not buy a new book until finishing two that I already own.
12. Take weekly self-portraits. (13/52)
13. Get a passport.
14. Stay caught up with my LJ flist.
15. Write 200,000 words, either ABJR or Luna 'verses. (0/200,000)
16. Experiment in the kitchen, and write up a personal cookbook. With pictures. (In progress.)
17. Learn how to knit. (basics learned 2010.03.16)

(begins with me using Chris's computer)

As of 2010.01.23

Crayola crayons
. Image by repeaterbeater at Flickr.


As of 2010.03.16

Close-up of a blanket I'm working on. Photo by me.


As of 2010.04.13

Rocks and water at the Sarasota marina. Photo by me.

Series Watched:

Chuck, Season 1 (with Chris)
Criminal Minds, Season 1 (with melliyna)
Criminal Minds, Season 2 (with melliyna)
Chuck, Season 2 (with Chris)
Criminal Minds, Season 3
Torchwood: Children of Earth

Criminal Minds, Season 4 (with melliyna)
Chuck, Season 3 (with Chris)
Criminal Minds, Season 5


Criminal Minds, Season 5
NCIS, Season 1 (with Chris)


Criminal Minds, Season 5
Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Season 1
Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Season 2
NCIS, Season 2 (with Chris)
NCIS, Season 3 (with Chris)


NCIS, Season 3 (with Chris)
Eureka, Season 1 (with Chris)
NCIS, Season 4
NCIS, Season 5
NCIS, Season 6 (with Tria)
NCIS, Season 7 (with Tria)
Eureka, Season 2 (with Chris)
Eureka, Season 3
Doctor Who, Season 5 (with Fizzy)


Sanctuary, Season 1
Eureka, Season 3
NCIS, Season 7
Doctor Who, Season 5 (with Fizzy)
NCIS: Los Angeles, Season 1


NCIS: Los Angeles, Season 1
Psych, Season 1 (with Chris)
NCIS, Season 1 [rewatch]
Doctor Who, Season 5 (with Chris, Fizzy)
Psych, Season 2 (with Chris)

Favorite Tweets:

@sarking: RT @degringolade: It's like they sent the only guy from #cstreet you'd feel bad about throwing down a flight of stairs. #maddow #

@8C: my new life philosophy: "fuck it up less this time." #

@luchalibrarian "I'm going to felate the banana." #

@marlaerwin RT @panache: I think if James Cameron said, "My next film will be 90min of me trying on shoes," the studios would say, "Yes, Mr. Cameron." #

@luchalibrarian "Who would win in a fight between a taco and a grilled cheese?" #

@shannynmoore RT @bobcesca_go: Josh Marshall: "Nelson and Lieberman sitting together in axis of weasels." /HA! #


@wilw: [:pushes glasses up on nose in universal nerd gesture:] I just realized that this entire year can be written as an equation, thusly: 2M+X #

@skywaterblue: Internet math: 'issues' when fought over by two competing famous o n the internet people, divided by rate of tweet/blog. Solve for wank.

@litterthisheart: RT @waitwait: Curling looks like a game I'd have made up as a kid. Hey, we have some rocks, a broom, & the driveway is icy. I've got an idea.

@lechatsavant: RT @FakeAPStyleBook: hanged/hung - Hanged refers to an execution. You know what hung refers to. We're all adults here.

@TeresaKopec: How to tell I'm a good Mom? I'm watching "An Extermely Goofy Movie" with 7yr old and only THINKING about smashing TV with a brick.

@sarking: Damn it. I actually looked up when Keith said "Half-naked women with whips." I'm not alone, am I? #countdown

@sarking: ...#Maddow just called @chrislhayes "Lambchop." Getting out of bed today? Totally worth it.

@txvoodoo: RT @ebertchicago Q. How come Bush got people to believe lies but Obama can't get them to believe the truth? A. Those are the same people.

@8C: RT @Jake_Bell: We have to apologize for Shaun White's coach's language on the air... or Americans could just grow the fuck up.

@wilw The Norwegian Men's curling team gets a gold medal in the unofficial Fancy Pants Olympics, which I've just invented for this purpose. #

@shannynmoore RT @KagroX: I can see Russia (losing) from my couch. #

@shannynmoore RT @OTOOLEFAN: Best thing about watching Curling on MSNBC: No Ron Christie. #

@docsaico RT @GaryJBusey I have my own sex tape. Well, it's just a plain ol' roll of duct tape, but I use it during sex. #

@aliya: "There is nothing like the Olympics...except sometimes C-SPAN." LOLOL oh, Rach. <3 #maddow #

@lid86: If there was a god, Bart Stupak would have gotten pregnant with Bob Marshall's baby. #Maddow #

@roomerholmes: Hugh Laurie's foppish characters alongside Rowan Atkinson's various terse Blackadders should be homework for fans of House #

@sarking: @skywaterblue "And tonight, a very Special Comment on why I would rather watch curling than do my show." #

@shannynmoore: RT @lizzwinstead: @shannynmoore Don't make me call u snowhore. O yes I did./Winstead-Weiner sounds like u r related. Moore-Weiner sounds hot #

@pineapplecakes: RT @schmiss: All I want is for Boner to trend, is that so much to ask? // NEVER #


@docsaico: Weird Fact About Me #89: I LOVE getting the mail. And, sometimes, I sing "The Mail Song" (from Blues Clues) as I get the mail. :} #

@LadyDae Yes. Eric Abetz - the Godfather of the Liberal party. For god's sake, someone send him a fish! #tas2010 #


@KeithOlbermann RT @NorsU O'reilly has 3x the viewers than Olby, I see another job loss looming // + I see the first pointy-headed conservative ever! #

@jesidres Hey, guess what I colored? @keitholbermann's twittervention, of course. http://twitpic.com/1ii9mg http://twitpic.com/1ii9pf #


@strawberrysgirl Proof Fox News is bullshit: that opinion poll. "OMG OBAMA IS RAISING OUR TAXES!!!1" Ummm no. That's not even remotely true. #

@sarking: "[Inhofe] is the world's foremost ostrich on [climate change]." #countdown #

@strawberrysgirl: [insert petty ad hominem attack on Sarah Palin here because what goes around comes around: suggested topic? Hairstyle]

@Ceilidhann: Net being so slow right now. I swear my laptop is punishing me for reading Clegg/Cameron. #

@lechatsavant: RT @pourmecoffee: Streets lined with thousands of people crying out Law & Order doink-doink sound into the twilight on my way home. #

Books Read:

  • Black Blood, by Christopher Pike. Started: 2009.12.17; Finished: 2010.01.16

  • Red Dice, by Christopher Pike. Started: 2010.01.16; Finished: 2010.01.25

  • Phantom, by Christopher Pike. Started: 2010.01.25; Finished: 2010.01.27

  • Evil Thirst, by Christopher Pike. Started: 2010.01.27; Finished: 2010.01.30

  • Creatures of Forever, by Christopher Pike. Started: 2010.01.27; Finished: 2010.02.02

  • Super Freakonomics, by Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner. Started: 2010.02.04; Finished: 2010.02.06

  • ST:TNG: Before Dishonor, by Peter David. Started: 2009.09.25; Finished: 2010.02.10

  • ST:TNG: Greater Than the Sum, by Christopher L. Bennett. Started: 2010.02.08; Finished: 2010.02.14

  • ST:Destiny: Gods of Night, by David Mack. Started: 2010.02.14; Finished: 2010.02.14

  • ST: Destiny: Mere Mortals, by David Mack. Started: 2010.02.15; Finished: 2010.02.21

  • ST:Destiny: Lost Souls, by David Mack. Started: 2010.02.21; Finished: 2010.02.25

  • ST:TNG: Losing the Peace, b y William Leisner. Started: 2010.02.25; Finished: 2010.02.27

  • Star Trek: A Singular Destiny, by Keith R. A. DeCandido. Started: 2010.02.27, Finished: 2010.03.03

  • First Contact, Or, It's Later Than You Think, by Evan Mandery. Started: 2010.03.02; Finished: 2010.03.03

  • Switching Well, by Peni R. Griffin. Started: 2010.03.03; Finished: 2010.03.03

  • Looking for Alaska, by John Green. Started: 2010.03.03; Finished: 2010.03.05

  • ST:Titan: Over a Torrent Sea, by Christopher L. Bennett. Started: 2010.03.06; Finished: 2010.03.26

  • ST:SCE: Have Tech, Will Travel by Keith R. A. De Candido, et al. Started: 2010.03.05; Finished: 2010.03.20

  • ST:SCE: Miracle Workers by Christie Golden, et al. Started: 2010.03.20; Finished:

  • ST:Voyager: Full Circle, by Kirsten Beyer. Started: 2010.03.27; Finished: 2010.03.29

  • ST:Voyager: Unworthy, by Kirsten Beyer. Started: 2010.03.29; Finished: 2010.04.11

  • ST:Titan: Synthesis, by James Swallow. Started: 2010.04.12; Finished:

  • ST:SCE: Some Assembly Required, by Scott Ciencin, Dave Galanter, et al. Started: 2010.04.20; Finished:

  • Anne of Green Gables, by L.M. Montgomery. Started: 2010.04.12; Finished:

  • Star Trek: Gateways #1: One Small Step, by Susan Wright. Started: 2010.05.10; Finished: