Jan. 6th, 2010

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Library and Information Studies and all that. They also have a great Disability Studies minor...though for the first, it's competitive to get in, and for the second, you have to have x number of credit hours in this and that already.

Damn, I wish I could just go to the campus in person and talk to an admissions counselor.

Besides, I don't even know if Chris and I are going to get Ft. Lewis yet, but if we do, and I can major in Informatics and minor in Disability Studies, I could get just the education I want, and combined with my AA degree in Paralegal Studies, I could work in a law office that specializes in disability issues. Or work in a library helping people with disabilities access library materials. Those three things would add up to multiple career opportunities--fulfilling ones.

But I'm overwhelmed by the paperwork, the planning, the not even knowing if we'd get Ft. Lewis anyway! I mean, it's the most-requested post in the Army. Also, HOLY SHIT PAPERWORK MONEY SCHOLARSHIPS WHATNOT. Keiser College was all in one building, and it was one class per month. Going to a real university = totally different, and it's something I've never done. I at least wish that I could go there, and have my dad with me. He helped me at Keiser, and he's been part of Travis's and Katie's college setups.

At least we wouldn't have to pay for a dorm, since we'd be living on post. :)
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