Feb. 6th, 2010

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1. Tell me one thing you love about me.
2. Tell me two things you love about yourself.
3. Look through the comments... when you see someone you know, tell them three things you love about them.
4. Do this in your journal so I can tell you what I love about YOU - and if you've already done it, tell me so, so that I can go back and give you some love.
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My dad is using his frequent flyer miles and I leave on the 10th and I'll be there for most of the month! :D :D :D :D :D

I'll get to see my family and buy clothes that fit and go to restaurants I haven't seen except in commercials since summer of '08 and did I mention seeing my family?

If it weren't 3:30 a.m. in Florida I'd call my mom and tell her now!

And I'll get to see the friends I used to work with! XDDDDD
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