Jan. 1st, 2010

orbitaldiamonds: fatso "reading" a Calvin & Hobbes comic ([ fatso ] some light reading)
And here's the final edition (unless I decide to edit it later):

Lofty Goals 2010.

1. Pack up all books I'm not going to read before PCSing.
2. Cut up 200 magazines.
3. Type up 100 sets of book notes.
4. Scan 10 journals and/or random notes books.
5. Pay off student loans.
6. Pay off car.
7. Finish red-white-and-blue blanket and shades-of-blue blanket.
8. Excercise for at least half an hour, at least three times a week.
9. Start and finish 10 new art projects.
10. Sort/organize/make pretty all files on my computer.
11. Not buy a new book until finishing two that I already own.
12. Take weekly self-portraits.
13. Get a passport.
14. Stay caught up with my LJ flist.
15. Write 200,000 words, either ABJR or Luna 'verses.
16. Experiment in the kitchen, and write up a personal cookbook. With pictures.
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